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What is RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Is there something holding you back from living the life you were born to live?

Rapid Transformational Therapy is phenomenally effective achieving astounding results throughout the world. 


Blocks - whether emotional, physical can be eliminated, usually within one session (more complex issues may take up to three)

I offer face to face appointments or online sessions through Zoom throughout the world.

Children - bed wetting, nail biting, confidence, anxiety

Teenagers - school refusal, weight, confidence, public speaking, fear of exams, driving tests, eating disorders, anxiety 

Adults -  confidence/self esteem issues; auto immune disorders, fears, phobias, sabotaging behaviours, addictions, PTSD, pain, skin conditions, weight, anxiety...the list is endless


RTT is fast, effective and delves into the root cause of your issue, resulting in

lifelong positive changes.


When you are ready to  be free from whatever is holding you back, Contact me to discuss just how RTT can transform your life.

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Paula Dougherty

Clinical Hypnotherapist and

Rapid Transformational Therapist

A qualified teacher, working with both Primary and High School Children for over 20 years, I have always been interested in the power of our mind to influence our beliefs and create our reality. I discovered the incredible healer, Marisa Peer in 2018 and knew immediately that I needed to become qualified in and promote the lifelong benefits of her Rapid Transformational Therapy.  RTT is unique and is achieving phenomenal results throughout the world through either 'in person' or 'online' sessions.  RTT works and I know it will change your life!

Contact Me

I love working with my clients to set them free from limiting behaviours and beliefs that prevent them from living the life they were born to live.Contact me today to learn more and book your transformation

3205 Central Pl
Carrara, 4211

Ph: +61403467095

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Ph: +61403467095

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