Feedback I’ve Received

What My Awesome Clients Are Saying About Their Life Changing Hypnosis Session:

 So I have always been apprehensive about therapy because it makes me vulnerable when I visit painful memories.  For this reason I have been reluctant to do it and for the few times I have, I've found the therapist to either be be not attuned with my emotions or they didn't know how to help me even if they did manage to make me feel safe in their presence.  This is where Paula is an amazing therapist because she did both.  She made me feel safe and comfortable enough to be vulnerable and she also guided me through the RTT hypnotherapy session in such a way that really really made me feel better after.  I felt lighter.  On top of that the recording she did was just magical and her soothing voice and abundant wisdom throughout has really resonated with me and I am a lot clearer on my path to finding a healthy relationship.  This RTT experience has been so beneficial to me and it was a great investment for me.

Zoom Client - UK

Thank you again for yesterday's session.  I really enjoyed it and I still feel so light and cleansed.  You made it a wonderful first experience with hypnosis!

Zoom Client -  Brisbane

I can't thank you enough for helping me mentally prepare for the labour and birth!  Despite all the little surprises in our birth, I was very calm and didn't feel worried about my ability to cope or do what was need.  When I was pushing I was actually accused of meditating! The midwives were very impressed with my calm and it was listening to the recordings you gave me that made me feel so relaxed!

Zoom Client - Brisbane